Simple Yoga For Women Over 30, to Relieve Stress

Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners (with Pictures)

No experience required

Suitable for any age

Psychologists are finally agreeing the best yoga poses to relieve stress, back pain, hormonal changes, poor flexibility, breathing problems and depression are the simple ones. The list of health problems women are experiencing is actually quite long 

According to recent lockdown epidemic studies women are experiencing frightening levels of stress, anxiety and even hormonal changes

Sneaking in time and energy commuting to group classes after a crazy-busy work schedule is inconceivable these days

Complete beginner yogis are frantically searching for basic yoga poses to help them look and feel good

5 Facts About Yoga

Women account for 72% of yoga practitioners

No prior experience needed to benefit from this practice

Focusing on breathing reduces stress and anxiety naturally

This 5,000 year old practice is not "just a fad"

43% practice yoga at home, 2 - 3 times a week, 10 - 15 minutes per session

Step 1: Child's Pose - Level - Easy

Gently spread your knees apart on your mat, never rush

Let your tummy sink between your thighs and gently rest your forehead and hips

Hold for about 5 - 10 minutes

Learn to concentrate on your breathing, nothing else


Relaxes your shoulders, lower back and ankles, opens the hips

Helps fight insomnia

Step 2: Corpse Pose - Level - Way Too Easy

Slowly lay on your back

Now we'll learn how to relax all muscles in different zones starting from the top and down to the bottom

Relax all your face muscles including your cheek and eyebrows, neck area, shoulders, elbows, even your hands and fingers, tummy, hips, then move down to your legs, knees ankles, right down to all ten toes, follow this pattern

Feel your body sink with gravity, this is a game changer and should be applied to each pose

Hold for about 5 -10 minutes

Your breathing is your focus now, safely relax all muscles deeper

Awaken your inner peace

Start and end each session with this relaxing pose


Relieves stress and fatigue

Increases positive vibrations

All-around feel-good natural position

Step 3: Happy Baby Pose - Level - Easy & Fun

Lay on your back, balance yourself by grabbing both feet, slowly pull them closer and evenly to your chest, gently stretch your hips

You can massage or tickle your toes at the same time

Now smile :-)

Hold for 5 - 10 minutes


Awakens your inner child

An instant mood booster

Decreases the onset of lower back pain

Opens hips, stretches hamstrings and thighs

Improves balance and calms the brain

Takes the gravity weight off your hips, legs and feet

Step 4: Cobra Pose - Level - All Of The Above

Lay face down on your mat, use your hands and arms to lift your chest, shoulders and head, in a slightly upright, but comfortable position

No need to straighten your arms in the beginning

Take a minute to enjoy this new position, listen to your breathing pattern

Feel your tummy and hips stretch in a new direction

Never over stretch your back or neck

Hold for 5 - 10 minutes

This is your time now, listen to your breathing, it's all that matters


Tones the buttocks

Soothes sciatica

Relieves fatigue

Aides in concentration and balance

cobra pose


FYI: This is a very simple and basic tutorial to encourage the beginner yogi, just like you

Listen! You’ll be amazed how simple these yoga poses are and all the health benefits you'll start to feel

It's critical to never overstretch, never rush in and out of each pose

If you're running short on time just perform one pose per session, master one at a time

For best results, set aside 2 - 3 times a week, 10 - 15 minutes per session

This short tutorial was made for educational purposes

Step 5;  Watch the Video Resource to avoid these 3 Common Mistakes 

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